`` Mini DVR

Mini DVR

New Smallest Mini Camera Camcorder Video Recorder DVR Spy Hidden Pinhole Web cam

Price: $7.96

Mini Lighter Spy DVR Hidden Camera Cam Camcorder USB DV Digital Video Recorders

Price: $1.99

Mini Spy Pen HD Video Recorder Hidden Pinhole Camera Camcorder DVR 1280 X 960

Price: $9.49

HD 1280x960 Silver Spy Pen Camera Mini Hidden DVR Surveillance Video Camcorder

Price: $9.99

Mini Pen Spy HD Video Hidden Camera TF/ MicroSD Card Camcorder 1280 X 1024 DVR

Price: $3.50

USB Disk Spy Camera Camcorder Mini Hidden DV DVR Motion Activated Detection U8

Price: $9.25

Once upon a time it was thought that bigger was always better, however nowadays this isn't the case at all, in fact everything seems to be shrinking, especially in the technological world. The manufacturing of smaller items makes life so much easier as we are now able to take our phones, cameras and notebooks everywhere we go without needing several suitcases to carry them in! The Mini DVR is the new kid on the block in small technology and it is quickly becoming everyone's favourite 'must have' gadget.

Mini DVRs are perfect for recording your favorite sports as your watching them live! They capture every movement beautifully, when it comes to watching it back there will be no stuttering but a mini version of what you have just seen, its perfection! Of course it is also brilliant for the school sports days, capturing the moment your child crosses the winning line first and also recording the screams of delight as they are awarded with their certificate. You can then show the rest of the family at a later date and they will feel as if they were there!

Something else this astonishing mini DVR is good for is, believe it or not, surveillance. You can set your mini DVR up to keep an eye on things while you are out and you can hide it in places that no one would ever dream of looking. It is also a great idea to use it as a security camera if you are leaving your teenagers at home alone for a weekend while your away, they will be most disheartened to find you have recorded not only visual evidence but every word they have said as well, this is definitely one way to ensure they are angels in your absence!

Amazingly the pocket DVR is a pen that includes a mini DVR attached to a mini camera which you can keep in your pocket or use to capture up close and personal proceedings. Perfect for those occasions when you really want and need to get close in, the vows at a wedding for instance! You can then play this back in years to come to prove you did make those promises as the mini DVR will record not only up close and personal pictures but all the sound as well. Years ago we never would have imagined that we could all be secret agents with special mini pens that can record what others are up to, but now anyone can do it, and of course are especially good for people working in investigative fields. The camera will record to a resolution of 300,000 pixels in full color and has a 2 GB flash memory, which in itself is pretty astounding.

Of course the mini DVR isn't just great because of its ability to be so small yet so astonishingly great at what it does but also because it records the video onto a mini hard drive so it doesn't require big bulky tapes or discs making it as light as a feather, well, not quite but you get the point?! It's light! The mini DVR in my opinion is an amazing piece of technology but the best bit is unlike so many other things on the market this actually does what it says on the box! I will certainly be expecting one under the Christmas tree this year and I expect that after reading what this amazing gadget can do so will all of you. I definitely think that in the future the mini DVR will be in everyone's household, office, handbag and briefcase, in an age where we are always on the go and need to feel secure as well this little piece of brilliance does it all!! Mini DVRs are also now available in HD (high definition), these HD mini DVRs offer amazing video quality considering their size.